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  Argus offers a variety of professional background searches and a staff that that will help ensure that your applicant is exactly who they say they are and have earned the achievements they say they have. Avoid negligent hiring you can never be too safe when it comes to your business!

Per FCRA regulations, you are required to obtain a signed release form
from your applicant(s) prior to retrieving ANY information about them. You are required to keep the signed release form on file for at least three years. We can provide one if necessary.


When performing background checks on potential employees, at a minimum we recommend running the SSN People Search Plus as it helps to confirm the applicants resume’, one instant national criminal database search and one on-site county search in the county the applicant has lived in or resides in.  For transportation positions add the DMV report and for executive positions we recommend the investigation to be much more in-depth, including education and employment.  Product details:


SSN People Search Plus - (instant)

Basic SSN search returns Name, Age, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Current Address, Phone, Historical Addresses, Aliases, and Date of Death (if applicable). Data found in over 100 databases. This search helps to validate resume' information. When using the People/SSN Search, it is best to enter just a social security number for maximum results.  Trace Detail report combines the SSN Search information above with additional phone information and/or contact information for relatives and neighbors.  Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.


Criminal Rapsheets Plus (instant) 

Criminal Rapsheets Coverage   

This database is maintained and updated regularly from records acquired from government agencies. There are over 700 million criminal records available. Each database contains felony convictions misdemeanor dispositions and some have traffic violations. Databases vary as to the beginning date of the data contained. Some date back several decades. This report also validates the SSN of the applicant. Coverage includes District of Columbia, States not included are Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.


50-State Criminal Report (instant) 

View Coverage & Sources

 50 State Nationwide Criminal Database empowers you to search instant criminal records consisting of over 500 million records in 50 states simultaneously, including Statewide Repositories, Local County Courts, Department of Corrections, Sex Offender Registries in 49 states, Administration of Courts records. This database also includes INTERPOL, Most Wanted Fugitive List, Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS), OFAC Blocked List, and P.R.I.O.R.S., Denied Person(s) List. (Please understand, as with any database search, it may not represent 100% coverage of all the criminal records in the jurisdictions.


Criminal Data Package (instant)

We've merged the Criminal Rapsheets Plus and the 50-State Criminal database and created one report which has the largest geographical coverage in the industry.

County Criminal   (1-3 Biz Days) 

A manual search of all higher and lower courts for arrest and conviction records, by county.  Typically returned in 1-3 business days, however we are at the mercy of the courts and we must abide by their schedule, and first come first serve rule.
Coverage: All 50 states plus DC. 


National Federal Criminal  (24 hr. turnaround time) 

These records represent cases brought by the Federal Government against an individual for actions in violation of Federal Law. There are 241 US District Courts, with each state housing one to four federal district courts. Individuals in these Courts have been prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for a violation of the U.S. Code.  

Mail fraud, arson, interstate drug trafficking and the like are the types of cases stored in the Federal courthouses, not cases filed in county or state courts. Since this check searches the U.S. Federal District Court Master Name Index, if the individual whom you are requesting information on has a common name, this search may return numerous possible matches. The search is also not instant as it is performed by a researcher.


International Criminal (5-20 business days)

International Criminal Pricing
Search crimes and offenses that are comparable to Felonies through our global search network.  International Searches for criminal records are comparable to U.S. felonies, as well lesser violations when available.  Please review the list of countries available.


National Sex Offender Registry   (instant) 

 Each state is required to maintain and regularly update current addresses on persons convicted of sex-related offenses since 1994, including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, aggravated criminal sexual contact, kidnapping and various other violent crimes against children. These records generally show the offender's name, date of birth or age, description of offense and last registered address. You search by name and date of birth. Coverage includes all 50 states and most have pictures.


National Wants & Warrants  (1hour or less) 

 Utilizes the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to search for active, extraditable wants and warrants issued Nationwide, as well as outstanding County warrants that have been elevated to the National level.   Coverage: All 50 states plus DC. Allow 24 hours turnaround. 


MVR Driving Report    (1hour or less) 

We provide an applicant’s driving history which may include license suspensions, DUI’s and or DWI’s, accidents, traffic violations, insurance lapses, and unpaid or unanswered summons, and revocations.  Some states only allow a search to go back 3 years some 5, depends on the states.  We offer all states, Puerto Rico and DC, we exclude: PA and AK 


Employment Verification (1-5 business days)

Review employment history of current and former employers, employment dates, and salary.  Please Note: Some employers may also charge a fee for employment information; this fee will be added to your invoice.  Coverage: All 50 states plus DC and International 


DOT Employment Report (1-5 business days)
Review driving history of truckers, this search is accepted by the DOT to satisfy Section 391.23 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and complies with 49 CFR Part 40.25.   Please Note: Some employers may also charge a fee for employment information; this fee will be added to your invoice.  Coverage: All 50 states plus DC and International   


Education Verification (1-5 business days)

Research school, attendance dates, earned diploma or degree. Please Note: Some educators may also charge a fee for education information; this fee will be added to your invoice. Coverage: All 50 states plus DC and International


Reference  (1-5 business days)

Contact personal reference to verify character, behavior and history.


Professional License Report (1-5 business days) 

We search for RN certifications etc. Coverage: All 50 states plus DC. 


Bankruptcy Liens & Judgments   (1 hour or less) 

  Any reported Bankruptcies, Foreclosures, Tax Liens (city, county, state and federal), Tax Warrants, Civil and Federal Judgments, Notices of Default, Small Claims, or Suit Filed.  Not all information is available for all records. 


OFAC Report / Patriot / Terrorist Watch List / Denied List   (instant)   

The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, and those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. OFAC maintains a watch list of specially designated nationals. A check can be made against this watch list to confirm or deny that an applicant's name appears there. The search includes information from Most Wanted, Fugitive List, OFAC, Denied Persons.Data is compiled from various sources including Interpol, Terrorist Watch List, US Treasury Department, FBI, DEA, ATF, United Nations, European Union, US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration, Bank of England, OSFI - Canada Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.


OIG / GSA Excluded Persons List (Instant)

The OIG/GSA Sanctions Report is comprised of the following components: OIG (Office of Inspector General) and GSA (General Services Administration). The OIG/GSA search utilizes the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Office of Inspector General’s database for individuals and businesses excluded or sanctioned from participating in Medicare, Medicaid or other federally funded programs. The report will return the Excluded Individual’s name,  why they were sanctioned. Bases for exclusion include: convictions for program-related fraud and patient abuse, licensing board actions and default on Health Education Assistance Loans. Consultation with qualified legal counsel is recommended for all employment law matters.   Coverage: All 50 states plus DC.  

FACIS 3   (24 hours)

A Level 3 FACIS background check is the gold standard for exclusion screening, verification, and monitoring. This search includes the entire FACIS database with over 5,000 data sources including historical and state data, millions of individual records, and continuous updates.  Level 3 background checks include everything one would need for a complete screening as well as thousands of other records and databases. Over 76,000 records are added monthly, and FACIS also includes historical data dating back to 1992 and continues to monitor providers after their initial screening.


A check of government exclusion lists is essential because many healthcare groups receive financing from federal sources. Payments to those on the exclusion list are expensive in terms of legal fees and fines, there is a risk to patients, and there is a possibility of reputational damage.


Other databases included in a FACIS Level 3 search


A FACIS search looks for results or potential matches from all federal data sources including:


  • OIG
  • SAM (Including SDN)
  • FDA Disbarment
  • DEA
  • FBI
  • U.S. DOJ
  • U.S. Treasury Dept
  • U.S. State Dept

A FACIS Level 3 search also includes all state-level Federal Healthcare Entitlement Program (FHEP) sources such as: State Medicaid Exclusions, State Contractor  Disqualification/Debarment Lists, HEAT Task Force News, State Attorney General News, Federal District – Attorney General News, and Medicare/Medicaid Opt-Out Lists.


 Business Screening



Includes Business Profile and Business Details Including Cortera Score and Payment Rating




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