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Argus Search, Inc. (Argus) offers reasonable effort to locate requested information and will offer reasonable efforts to check the accuracy of the information provided. Argus does not prepare the records we retrieve and cannot guarantee the completeness, timeliness, or accuracy of the information we provide. Client agrees that Argus shall not be liable for any injury or loss resulting from the use of, failure to provide, or delay in receiving requested information. Regardless of whether Argus obtains the requested information, Client agrees to be responsible for payment of all costs, expenses, and fees as outlined in this Agreement. Client agrees to comply with all Federal and State EEO laws and under FCRA regulations 604(b) and 607(e).


Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:

a) Only the Client's designated representative(s) will request reports on client�s employees. Employees will be forbidden to obtain reports on themselves, associates, or any other person except in the exercise of their official duties.
b) Client agrees to retain a copy of each Signed Release for each applicant authorized to use Argus� System.
c) Client agrees to keep all information in secure files to retain strict confidentiality of all information and release forms.
d) Client agrees that it will hold in strict confidence all information received from Argus� system.
e) Client agrees to reimburse Argus for costs and expenses that may be incurred, as outlined under the general terms and conditions of this Agreement.

f) Client agrees that it will comply with all provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act in obtaining background information from Argus. Argus may terminate this Agreement immediately upon discovering that Client is not complying with the FCRA.

g) When ordering credit reports, End User agrees to indemnify Equifax (credit repository) and Argus Search, Inc. (the Reseller) their predecessors, successors, and assigns, and their current and former officers, directors, employees, agents, and independent contractors, both individually and in their official capacities ("Company"), and to hold the Company harmless in the event End User violates any of the terms of this agreement.
h) End User agrees that they have the authority to access consumer credit reports, said authority being:
---you have the party's signed consent and release; or
---you have a signed agreement to enter into businses negotiations with the person; or
---you have a signed judgement from a court of law against the person whose credit you are checking.


1. Payment: For those clients not using our charge card system, all invoices will be payable by Client upon receipt; terms of payment are Net 10. Any dispute with any invoice must be brought to the attention of Argus within ten (10) days of the invoice date or Client hereby agrees to waive the dispute. Client agrees to pay all reasonable attorney�s fees and costs which may be incurred in connection with the collection of any past due amounts, including, but not limited to: - Fees paid for securing approval of authorities having jurisdiction over the project.

- Fees paid for obtaining public record information from municipal agencies and/or archives.
- Fees and charges incurred during background investigations, as a result of obtaining employment record information from company official agents and surcharges for obtaining public record information from municipal agencies and/or archives.

2. Modification of Agreement: It is specifically understood that this Agreement supercedes all previous Agreements, oral or written, between Argus and Client. This Agreement shall not be superseded or modified by any purchase order or acknowledgement issued at any time by the Client. No modification of this Agreement shall be effective unless put in writing and signed by both parties to this Agreement.

3. Mutual Benefit: It is expressly understood that this Agreement is entered into solely for the mutual benefit of the parties herein and that no benefits, rights, duties, or obligations inure to any party other than those signatory hereto.

4. Notice of Breach: Prior to claiming any breach by Argus, Client shall first provide Argus with written notice thereof, specifying the claimed breach and providing Argus a period of no less than thirty (30) days to cure the breach.

5. Commencement and Completion Dates: The Client acknowledges that the scheduled starting and completion dates of projects are estimates only. The failure to commence or complete the services hereunder as of the dates specified shall not constitute a breach of this Agreement.

6. Liability and Indemnity: Client acknowledges that Argus is not an insurer and makes no warranty, express or otherwise, that the services furnished will avert or prevent occurrences or consequences therefrom. The amounts payable to Argus under this Agreement are based upon services rendered and are unrelated to the value of Client�s property or property of others located in or about Client�s premises. Argus is not assuming any responsibility for any losses that may occur, even if due to Argus personnel negligent performance or failure to perform any duty under this Agreement.

However, in the event of a claim for which Argus is found liable, Client agrees that Argus�s liability shall be limited to a maximum amount not to exceed the amount invoiced to and paid by Client for services rendered within the six month period immediately preceding the date of the occurrence giving rise to the claim. Client acknowledges that it is solely and independently responsible (legally, financially, and otherwise) for any use, decision, action, or omission to act that is based on, or in any way related to, the information provided, or services performed, by Argus. Client shall defend, indemnify, reimburse, protect, and hold harmless, Argus and each of its employees, officers, shareholders, successors, assigns, agents, third-party contractors, licensees, and affiliates (collectively, the �Indemnified Parties�), from and against any and all claims, judgments, damages, losses, liabilities, suits, investigations, costs, and expenses (inclusive of legal fees, and regardless of the outcome of any proceeding) that arise out of or are in any manner related to this Agreement, or the information provided, or services performed, by Argus, regardless of whether any of the Indemnified Parties were negligent in any manner. Any legal counsel or representation of Argus shall be selected by Argus, and any and all legal fees, costs, and expenses shall be paid in advance by Client.

7. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. Any suit brought to enforce the terms or conditions of this Agreement or otherwise arising from or connected with the subject matter hereof shall be governed by Washington law and any suit is to be brought in Spokane County, Washington.

8. Invalid Provision: The invalidity or unenforceability of any particular section of this Agreement shall not affect the rest hereof, and this Agreement shall be construed in all respects as if such invalid or unenforceable section were omitted.

9. Miscellaneous: Argus reserves the right to change the schedule of services and charges, but no change in such schedule shall become effective earlier than 30 days after written notice thereof shall have been given by Argus to the Client.

10. Reference to your name: We are proud of the quality of our Clientele and like to tell others the names of the persons and firms we represent. Please send an email to noreference@argus-search.com should you wish to not be a reported client of Argus Search, Inc.

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