Due to recent events in the credit reporting industry, FCRA requirements have been tightened up with regard to accessing credit reports.  Below is a listing of types of businesses that can no longer access credit reports.


Adult Entertainment Services of any kind

Businesses that operate out of an apartment or unrestricted location within a residence

Attorneys or Law Offices of any type

Bail Bondsman

Check Cashing

Credit Counseling

Credit Repair Clinic

Dating Services

Financial Counseling

Genealogical or Heir Research firms

Massage Services

Companies that Locate Missing Children

Pawn Shops

Private Detectives, Detective Agencies, or Investigative Companies

Individuals seeking information for their private use

Companies that handle Third-Party Repossession

Companies or Individuals involved in Spiritual Counseling

Subscriptions (magazines, book clubs, record clubs, etc.)

Tattoo Services

Companies seeking information in connection with Time Shares

Insurance Claims